Dear October:

I am ready for you to be over. Here are the reasons why.

1. It's too cold for my super-cute tan trench but still too warm for the debut of my new winter coat. Between cold and sweaty, I choose cold because it doesn't mess up my hair. However, in a few more weeks I won't have this problem. 

1(b). Also, it sucks when it looks really beautiful and warm out but is only 3 degrees (shown by Fiona, my AyePhone at 9am this morning). When there's snow on the ground, I expect it to be cold. No snow on the ground means I still hold out hope that it's flip-flop weather. The disappointment is starting to (theoretically) eat my soul. 

2. I've been diligently working on my Halloween costume and am ready to wear it now, but will stand out like a sore thumb until the super-fun party I'm going to in 11 days. I don't think I've been this excited about dressing up since I went as the prettiest-butterfly-ever about six years ago. It's taken way more time that I'd originally thought, and has included dying feather boas in my kitchen sink, but it's turned out really well and I'm psyched to rock it out to some 80's classics (the party has an 80's cover band. Awesome, I know). 

3. The countdown to Christmas (and my birthday) officially begins Nov 1. I love, love, love Christmas and eagerly await for the appropriate time to break out my Chipmunks' album and the movie "Elf," starring the hilarious Will Ferrel as Buddy. There are so many amazing quotes from it that make me laugh every time. Also, there's nothing better than the smell of inside trees. 

4. I'm completely ov-ah having to mute terrifying movie trailers in the middle of my sitcom comedies (Marc is also growing tired of covering my eyes and speaking loudly on unrelated topics to drown out the screams). For reals. I'm not sure why or how, but these movies are getting creepier and more disturbing each year. I've posted about it before but the newest previews for "Paranormal Activity" are starting to infringe on my happy sleepy times. Face-close-ups of scary faces should be outlawed - think about the children (and me...but mostly the children)!

5. I had tickets to opening night for Sex and The City 2 (waaay back), but got sick and couldn't go (*fist shake). I've been waiting forever for it to come out on DVD, and finally comes out on October 26th. I've heard it's not as great as the first (which isn't as great as the TV series) but I was heartbroken when I wasn't able to go and seriously have been looking forward to seeing a tanned Aiden (as he looked super-smoking in the previews). 

6. Finally, I'm ready to Fall-Back in time. It sucks getting up in the morning and not being able to see outside because it's pitch black and the stars are out. Sure, turning back the clocks means that the sun sets earlier, but you get an extra hour of sleep that night - Holla!

So please, worst-month-of-the-year October, finish up your business quickly and get on outta here!


  1. Awh October isn't THAT bad! Just keep thinking of the clearly awesome 80's party you're going to (and I'm jealous of).

  2. I LOVE Elf too!! I could watch it every day!!!!!

  3. Emily - I know, I know...October's not the worst...and without it, there'd be no Halloween (blah blah, haha). I'm seriously excited for the 80's party. Word on the street is there's also going to be a DJ to play alongside the band. There'll be a post fo sho about it.

    Nikki - Every so often I'll watch it in the summer and it's still so good, but EXPECIALLY good when there's snow on the ground. "You smell like beef and cheese."


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