Happy Halloween-ie!

The 80's Halloween party on Saturday night was ah.ma.zing. People went all-out with their costumes and the band was incredible. They had a trombone and a saxophone! I swear, it was like we were in St. Elmo's Fire. The music was awesome, line-ups for the bar virtually non-existent and eventhough I lost my coat-check ticket (which happens all the time) I'd memorized the number (because I lose them) and was able to walk home in relative warm-ness.

I'd been working on my costume for weeks and it was really fun to see all the pieces together. I decided to dress up as Big Bird after seeing a costume online. It was hella money so I used its general concept and made it myself.

I couldn't find yellow boas, so I dyed white ones.  A fairly intense process, but it worked out in the end.  I sent the picture to a ties-aren't-just-for-the-office friend who described it as a "Muppet Crime Scene." Amazing. 

They looked really bad afterwards and I thought I'd ruined them (and threw a small tantrum)

A quick blow dry though and they came back to life -- yellow! The feathers went everywhere but it was worth it.

Next I painted styrofoam balls to look like Big Bird's eyes.

Some foam, wire and a glue gun can make almost anything!

I had to add a hairband as I got a little carried away with its size and there needed to be extra support. 

This is the final product!

I got the tank top and skirt on sale and everything else from the dolla store. The tights were hilarious and brought the whole thing together and they were a buck too! I had the shoes already. The total cost was under $40. It survived the night, so I'll be the best Big Bird ever next year too!

Happy Halloween!!
Because I can't resist, the boys were a couple a weenies. 


Whattaya got to say about that? *waits*

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