Happy NewBruns-iversary!

Yes, it has been 365 days since we moved to New Brunswick. It's hard to believe that a year has passed by  already.

In celebration of our (arguably) most life-changing decisions to date, I've prepared an Ode to The East.

Oh New Brunswick, you lovely place
we moved so fast, almost like a race.
To the city that welcomed me many years ago
it's where we needed to be, that's fo sho. 

Marc went from having over a two hour commute
to just twenty minutes and job security, to boot!
He loves the property and chopping wood,
smiling every day, who knew this was his hood?

The boys are delighted to be outside without collars
but are still misbehaved, not coming when we holla(s).
They don't understand all the nature that they see
and bark like crazy at deers, bunnies and bees.

Just like before, I'd hoped it'd be the best 
place for me to recover, heal and rest. 
I'd missed my gals more than I'd known
and psyched to get to see their children grow(n).

So thank you, East Side for being so fly,
for giving us a fresh start and this great house, oh my!
We absolutely love it here and don't think that we'll leave
and why on Earth would we, we're surrounded by trees!

BAM - poetry by moi.

Tonight, there will be celebrations at the new Relish location (a super-awesome gourmet burger joint) a trip to Home Depot to measure out the stripper pole that Marc's making me for my birthday (Oh, yeah) and Dairy Queen for dessert. 

Happy NewBruns-iversary everyone!!

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