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This is the last full day that my rapunzel-haired-friend is here visiting and we've had so much fun I may "accidentally" burn her e-ticket home...I kid, I kid. 

I'll be waiting until tomorrow afternoon to write some posts about our adventures (because who wants to visit with someone who's writing on the computer?!) but found some gems on Ms. Montag's Twitter that were too good to pass up. 

1. I am officially a laundry mat! 
I couldn't have less of an idea of what she was trying to say here. Was she officially "off" to the laundry mat? Was she GTL'ing with the Shore-boys? Is she dressing up as a laundry mat for Halloween? Is she doing people's laundry while letting people walk all over her? So many follow-up questions with that one. 

2. Today is the first day I have decided I am done forever wearing my nose tape! It's been long enough! 
Um...what? Nose tape? I'd say that deciding to stop wearing nose tape is, good? Was she wearing nose tape outside and in public? I cannot think of a reason why you would wear nose tape all the time...unless it's one of those snore-stopper-thingies, but even those are only worn inside and in the privacy of your bedroom. 

3. Laying out in the freezing cold cloudy weather. I heard you can get a tan when it is cloudy but I think all I would get is a cold! Not worth it!
Wait. Stop the presses. Was she actually doing this? Just how cold does LA get, anyway? I can just picture her shivering in a teeny-tiny-bikini, holding one of those reflector sheet things. Priceless. 

Oh Man. 

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!!

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