I'm It (The Sequel).

Nikki at The Fashionable Wife tagged me in a get-to-know-your-blogger game and her timing couldn't be more perfect because I've been keeping a fairly low profile recently and therefore, haven't had a whole lot to post!

1. What is your favourite book?
I'm not sure that I have a favourite fav, as I like a lot of books for different reasons, but I positively adore Emily Giffin's books and the Harry Potter series. That being said, there is one book that I can read over and over again and still get into it, and that's Drop Shot by Harlan Coben. It's part of the Myron Bolitar series, who's character is a sports agent/private investigator, and as per the title suggests, is about competitive tennis. If you're a sports fan who loves funny murder/kidnapping/blackmailing plots, then you'd probably be into spending some time reading the many books in this series. 

2. How did you meet your significant other?
At a birthday party. I'd actually met him a few days earlier when I was sweaty and disgusting after a run, but it was for a brief moment due to my grossness (seriously, I was dripping and it was nasty). The next weekend, he was at the birthday party and we didn't stop talking once we started (despite his wardrobe choice of a head-to-toe brown ADIDAS warm-up suit, complete with matching hat - although he insists he was also wearing the co-ordinated shoes, which is inaccurate because he would have remembered me making fun of him, obviously, because there's no way that I would have let that one slide unnoticed- loveyoubabe!). The next day we had our first date and did long-distance for a few months until I moved back to Toronto. 
I knew that he was different when we'd been dating for about 3 weeks (not that I admitted it, obviously) and had gotten stuck on a carnival ride during an impromptu and torrential rainstorm. Everyone around us was freaking out and we were laughing -- hysterically. My flip-flops flew off in opposite directions, my mascara was dripping all over my face and I had to hold my jeans up because they were so wet they'd have gotten me arrested for streaking. Marc found my shoes and we spent a little while longer playing in the rain of the now-deserted amusement park. The roads home were closed due to flooding and it ended up being the longest date I've ever had. 
Slightly more than the question asked, but the rainstorm's the best part of our story. 

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Well, if I was back to 100% health, I would go back to Biarritz, in the south of France and take some more surfing lessons. It was, hands down, the most beautiful place that I've seen. Oh - and I would also go to Harry Potter land in Florida and buy myself a wand and possibly a hat...and some random magic candy.

Downtown Biarritz

La Grande Plage

Me surfing. Oh yeah. It was awesome. 

4. What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
This is a trick question, seeing as I'm still in life-time-out-mode, so I basically spend my days living like a premature retire-ee. You know, going for nature walks and picking up pretty leaves that I can paint later, cooking & baking complicated recipes that people who work would never have the time to do (blame Martha), and of course, going grocery shopping in the middle of the day...bahaha. This blog has become something I've taken a shining to though, so I can add that to the list as well.

Disproportionately long tree branch with lanterns and origami cranes. A Jennie original.

5. If you didn't have to worry about money, what would be your dream job?
Hmm..well, if I didn't have to worry about money and could really do whatever I wanted to...I'd make myself the Prime Minister of Canada and whip this place into shape. Having a zillion dollars means that I could run as an independent candidate and therefore, not be swayed by campaign funding. Seriously, we have yet to have a PM with a sense of humour and I think that's what's been missing. Oh yeah, I'd kick some serious a-double-ess with all that power. Mmm...responsibly executed power. 

6. What is one thing that never fails to make you feel better after a long/hard day?
Pepi and The Pickle, our furry babies. It's strange how they're so in-tune with me, because when I'm really not feeling well, they're chill and just want to cuddle. That being said, when I'm feeling great, they're constantly up in my grill, demanding walks, attention, and being chased around the living room coffee-table.

Here they are, on full squirrel alert. 

7. What is your favourite thing to cook/bake?
Cakes!! Cakes, cakes, cakes! Marc and I took a Wilton Cake Decorating Course last winter and it was so much fun! I just love making cakes that look like other things (please note: I make amusing cakes instead of "pretty" ones). My ultimate favourite cake that I've made thus far is a poutine cake for a blonde-and-witty friend's birthday (for those who don't know of the delectable Canadian treat, it's fries with cheese curds and gravy...mmm...gravy). 

8. What is your favourite thing in your closet?
Since we're in Fall now, I'd say a pair of shrug vegan-friendly gray buckled boots. I just adore them and wear them with leggings, jeans and dresses. When winter comes though, my answer will change to the new Soio and Keyo winter coat that I got seriously discounted at Winners (of all places). It's cream with chocolate piping, front pockets that make sense, a wide belt and their signature amazing collar. I'm not exactly wishing for the snow to come, but it's definitely a silver lining to the frosty days that are just around the corner!

Thanks for tagging me, Nikki!

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  1. I love the look on the doggies faces who are eagerly waiting for squirrels! ha ha and I am drooling at the last image of fries and cheese curd which looks more like cinnamon sticks smothered in hot chocolate sauce and marshmallows... nam nam.


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