Mayo Mystery...Solved!

Since the last post about baking, I've been finding new ways to use bagels (mostly because they're so delicious I don't really want to eat anything else). Yesterday I thought I'd do a tuna melt.

I preheated the oven, cut the bagel in half and sliced up a few cheeses. It took a while for me to find the can opener in our overstuffed utensil drawer, but eventually was able to open up a can of tuna. A few dashes of garlic salt and a little chopped onion later, I opened the fridge to grab the mayo.

We have a larger-than-average fridge but since we've been watching our pennies, it's not exactly stuffed. A few weeks ago, we'd run out so I was positive that there was a brand-new non-opened jar...I just couldn't find it?

I called Marc to ask him about the mayo's possible location but his cell went straight to voicemail. Feeling like an idiot for either forgetting the condiment at the grocery store or on the cold pavement of its parking lot, I made the tuna melt sans mayo.

It wasn't the same.

A few hours later I figured I'd get an early start on supper and went into the kitchen to suss out the situation. This is when I found the elusive jar of mayo...in the freezer. It was completely solid.


I figured that I'd just put it back in the fridge and it'd be fine. People froze things all the time, right?


What greeted me this morning was the grossest thing ever. It was like white soup with a bunch of oil floating at the top. I shook it to mix it up and it just became chunky....ew...*shudder.

Life Lesson #128: Mayo doesn't freeze.

Life Lesson #129: Pay attention when you're putting the groceries away.

Life Lesson #130: I don't like mayo anymore.

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