My, My, My, My Fiona

It's with claw-like finger positioning, that I type this post. Why, you ask? The AyePhone (I've officially decided that it's way funnier to say it with a pirate accent, so it's staying). She's an addictive thing, little Fiona (we had a conversation on the way home from the store, where she formally introduced herself) with her games, slid-y screen, AyePod capabilities and countless other applications. 

Here's what happened this morning.

I was entering new stuff into the AyeCalendar application on my laptop, so I could sync it up with Fiona. I entered everything in, managed to actually find the cord in the disaster area formally known as our living room and then started looking online for the manual on how to sync 'er up. 

(for clarification purposes, I was upstairs while Marc was downstairs)

Me: Why can't I find the syncing instructions?

Marc: What do you mean?

Me: Well, I don't know how I load the calendar stuff. With music, I drag stuff onto it, but I can't seem to grab the calendars.

Fiona: *blank stare, noticeably silent

Me (after a few seconds): Seriously! Marc, why can't I find anything? 

Marc: What?! I can't hear you?



Fiona: *still silent

Me (after a few more seconds of fruitless searching): ARGH!!! This is so stupid! Fiona! Why are we fighting?!? You're supposed to make my life easier! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?

Fiona: *non responsive, screen went dark

So, I put her in a corner-time-out and busied myself doing other things and after a little while, I tried the calendar-sync-disaster again. 

Turns out, that all you have to do is plug Fiona into a computer and she automatically does everything! There's no instructions because there aren't any. The whole time I was trying to figure out how to drag icons, she'd been syncing herself. 

Oh Fiona - you make everything easier despite my attempts at complication. 

Nicely played. 

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