Pepi Got Snubbed

Since moving here, almost one year ago, Marc and I have had many encounters with Nature (some of which have been documented in this blog). This morning, I was able to capture a Nature-inspired moment with Pepi (furry baby #2). Luckily, I had my camera on-the-ready and here's what when down.

First though, here's a picture of Pepi. We adopted him from a rescue organization when we heard there were tonnes of puppies that had been seized in a puppy mill raid. It took us a while to suss out what kind of breed he was, as he has many strange behavioral traits (cleans his face like a cat, chases birds, "pets" bees and beetles and has impeccable balance). Our vet suspected that he was a cross between a Japanese Chin and a Pekinese. 
Fun Fact: we like to give personalities to things that we love, and therefore, both Pepi and The Pickle have accents when they "talk to us." The Pic has always been Parisian and we decided that Pepi was probably Mexican. 
Here he is, having a siesta (we found the sombrero in Mexico, so it's authentic). 
The following images are a pictorial account of Pepi's Nature-snub (more specifically, a deer-snub).

Pepi & The Deer 1: Hasn't Noticed Yet.

Pepi & The Deer 2: Spotted.

Pepi & The Deer 3: Yappity, Yap Yap.

Pepi & The Deer 4: Staredown.

Pepi & The Deer 5: The Snub.

I stood on our front porch, watching it unfold behind my camera's digital screen, laughing my head off. That deer couldn't have cared less about Pepi! Eventually, he just sat down, tail wagging, begging for the deer's attention. To Pepi's dismay, after the deer had a little grass-snack, it just walked back into the forest. I have no idea what Pepi would have done if he could have gotten closer (we have an electric fence) but I'm fairly sure that he'd try to play with the deer, as he tries to play with every other Nature-creature he encounters...you know, like Porcupines...*sigh. 

Oh Pepi; you're so weird. 


  1. This is too CUTE! Pepi would make an excellent hunting dog, the animals won't even run away!

  2. Apparently, this "Auntie" has done a poor job of teaching her "nephew" of the Laws of Nature...

    Poor Pepi. He just wants to frolic with the deer. Haha!!

  3. The sombrero and siesta made me giggle. And how do you just have deers walking up to your backyard?! Weird.

    (me = city girl.)


  4. HaHa Sheri & Lib! I cannot even imagine Pepi hunting, but it would funny to watch him try...as he licks everything. He really does just want to love everything/everyone.

    Lorraine - the only way Pepi would handle the sombrero was when he was sleeping...and therefore unaware. We used to live in the urban jungle and now live in a forest. That being said, we're still only 10 minutes from the mall...so I get to roast marshmallows on a backyard bonfire and still have fierce shoes. Only in the Maritimes!


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