Suckers: Defined

Wow, a whole 20 minutes until another blog posting...

So, I realized that in my time-filling-haste, I forgot to explain how "the Suckers" movement began. 

A long, long time ago (actually, only about 5 years, but that's not as good an opening) I was living in downtown Toronto, in the heart of the fashion district in the.best.loft.ever. I spent my days going to school and volunteering, and my nights hitting the town with my crew. Because of my location, I was often the host and always had lots of visitors who made use of my 2nd bedroom/office. 

One night, my-new-mommy-friend and I were very drunk and looking for a snack. For some reason, the standard apres-bar-panini wasn't going to cut it - we wanted something greasier. Luckily, there was a McDonald's around the corner, so off we went in search of fries and strawberry milkshakes. When we got into the place, it was packed with fellow drunk-ards, so we had to wait in line for a while. There was a younger-but-still-of-age couple in front of us and the dude was wobbling back and forth. He eventually decided to leave the line and sit down, but came back when it was their turn to order. Here's what happened.

McD's: Can I take your order?

Dude: I want a quarter pounder.

McD's: The meal, sir?

Dude: Whatever.

McD's: Okay, would you like to upsize your combo?

Dude: Whatever (*wobble, wobble).

McD's: All right (*slightly confused, but making the best of it). What would you like to drink?

Dude: Whatever (*wobble, starting to lose interest in the ordering process as he started looking behind his girlfriend and bopping to a song that only he could hear).

McD's: Um...well sir, what kind of drink do you want?

Dude: WHATEVER! Just give me the burger!

McD's: But sir, you ordered the combo and I need to know what you want to drink. Is Coke Okay (*patience starting to wear thin as the place is packed and he's taking a thousand years to not order something)?

Dude: Whatever...(*wobble, wobble, turns to his girl)...drinks are for suckers.

His girl took over at this point and he ended up getting a Coke (and therefore, became a sucker). I have no idea why he'd say something like that, or why all he chose to say was 'whatever,' but it was one of the funniest things I've seen/heard. So now, we use the phrase all the time...obviously, because it's hilarious! 

Please note: the saying of anything being for suckers must be repeated in a monotone and apathetic voice in order to have the proper effect. Now you know.