Timewarp Flashback:

I'm not a hard-core Gleek. I don't really watch the show, but love the music so I guess that makes me a Glee- instead of a Glee-fanatic. 

That being said, I've seen pictures of the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode and have been riding a first-class ticket on the Reminiscing Express. Back to what? Well, if you can believe it or not, The Timewarp was my university residence's theme song. Yes, it's an unusual choice as some people have never seen the (friggin' fantastic) flick and cannot wrap their brains around a cross-dressing main character and the overt sexual references. Oh, who am I kidding, the overt sexual references were incredibly appropriate for an all-girls' residence (I jest, I jest). Nothing got an entire bar's attention faster than 80 girls doing a flash-mob Time Warp. 

Anyway, the still shots of the group dance were enough for me to drag out the scrapbook I made from my first year and a couple of amazing things fell out.

First, an award from 2001/2002 titled, "Way to Blow Off A Hot Singer" for "Letting the lead singer from {insert local band here} know just how uninterested she was in him. To make a mortifying story short, I had gotten myself totally wound up about some kind of sporting event that was taking place the day after the-local-and-fairly-good band was playing at The Dirty Nut (former bar that has since been converted into office space...insert nostalgic sigh here). The singer of local-with-a-good-demo group was friggin gorgeous and despite his invitation for me and a few gals to go back to the band's house for an after party, us going and having a great time and his fairly persistent hitting-on-me-attempts (to the delight of my gals as he looked a little like David Usher and totally worked the lead-singer swagga) I kept repeating that we had to "get going soon because of House Wars tomorrow." It was one of the only times that I cha-cha-blocked myself (female equivalent) but later patted myself on the back because the next time I saw them perform, it was clear that hottie-mc-hottie-pants was into some serious narcotics. 

Second, I found two sheets of "Hall Quotes" that our hall-big-sister (a Proctor who was commissioned by the school to keep us in line...clearly ours had fallen through the cracks as she partied harder than any of us) put together at the end of the year. Our Partying Proctor put up pieces of bristol board in the hallway with markers and whenever one of us said something funny or stupid (mostly stupid that became funny) we'd rush to the board to write it down. I've been howling at some of the things on the compiled quote-board list and have decided to share some of the highlights. Don't worry, I didn't include any "had-to-be-there" moments (I think, anyway). It's simply amazing how much more of a grown up I am now...(names have been removed to protect the not-so-innocent).

I sat up and thought I was unconscious. (followed immediately by) I can't spell unconscious...or promiscuous...or Bridget.

I love Hanson's Xmas! I love bumping and grinding to Hanson!

What would you do if I stuck my tongue up your nose?

Guys, it smells like vag and corn in here (I'm laughing at this one while typing).

Look, I have a big, purple, swelled camel toe.

Who wants a piece cause I'm giving it out for free! - I said this one, but it was clearly taken out of context, right?

I'm almost afraid to type in 'hummer.com'

As soon as you burn your macaroni, you'll come back here begging for Beaver (Beaver was the residence catering service...who on Earth came up with that name? I mean, come on!)

I'll just be some weirdo living in my parents' basement saying, 'bring me your kitties.'

Oh man, those were some crazy times.

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