Waiting is for Suckers

Ever have one of those days where time stands.still? No matter what you try to do to occupy yourself, you can't help but check the time, compulsively, every three minutes.

Welcome to my nightmare Wednesday.

One of my dearest friends is coming in from out of town before she peaces out to Australia for an indeterminate amount of time. I'm beyond excited that I'll get to see her pre-other-side-of-the-world-adventure, but I'm so excited that I can hardly type this post.

Back Story: From grades 2 - 6, I would get so revved up with excitment for my end-of-year class parties that I would physically make myself ill and spend the last week of school, in bed. 
For reals. 
Sometimes it would be the flu, a cold, or occasionally, just extreme fatigue brought on by not being able to sleep at night, due to the anticipation. I, of course, don't really remember doing this, but my mother said that it was simply ridiculous. My birthday's just before Christmas too, so you can see that this self-inflicted-sickness actually happened twice a year (conviniently at the end of each semester). My parents just loved how I'd be up at 3am screaming, "SANTA! SANTA CAME!!! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" the morning after waking up to, "BIRTHDAY!!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! WEEEEEEEEE"...my poor parents...
Eventually I grew out of the habit and was finally able to attend the parties that I'd heard so much about ( you know, cause I missed 5 years in a row) and have learned to reign in my bubbling hysteria (sometimes)

Until now, because THIS is EXACTLY like THAT!!

The last time I saw my rapunzel-haired-friend was in August, for the.best.wedding.ever, but this time we'll get to visit without all the other bru-ha-ha happening. She doesn't land for another five hours and my stomach is in complete knots!
What is also not helping me stay (even slightly) calm is my close-to-due-date-friend gave birth last night to a little baby girl! My new-mommy-gal-pal is the only friend I've seen through their pregnancy and I'm just delighted that I'll get to play with cutie-face-magee (not the baby's real name, thank goodness) whenever I want to. I'm gonna be a friggin' wicked aunt (obviously). This morning, I got the text telling me that everything went well, and my Level-10 excitement meter sky-rocketed to a 15 (is this what it feels like to be a sketched out Chihuahua?).

So now I sit, anxiously willing time to go by. 

So far today, I've gotten halfway through making my Halloween costume, where I burnt my knee and hand on a hot glue gun (how do children use those things? They're dangerous), run a million errands, cleaned the kitchen, done three loads of laundry and walked the dogs.

T - 4.75 hours and counting....

So, you can all expect some epic stories to be appearing here in the next five days. If the East Side thought that Hurricane Earl was bad, then perhaps I should have put out some kind of warning that Hurricane-awesome-friend-duo-goodbye-weekend is on the horizon.

Hold onto you fedoras, Fredericton!

(how did that only take 19 minutes to write?!? ARGH!!!)

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