What the Summons?

As mentioned in a previous post, Marc and I have lived in New Brunswick for just over a year. 368 days, to be exact.

I've lived in a few different places for much longer and this has never happened to me. It was so unexpected -- so sudden. 

Marc came in with the mail. There was a brown slightly-oversized envelope with my name printed on a label. 

"I know that I paid the parking ticket from when my parents were here." He said nervously as he handed it to me. His eyes a little wider than usual.

I turned it around and saw that it was from the Sheriff's office. My heart sank. Glaring, I look at Marc who's eyes are now much wider than usual, jittering anxiously from side to side. 

I could feel the annoyance creeping up my spine as I expected a large fine from the City of Fredericton (sometimes Marc forgets to do things - it's totally unintentional and I'm learning to embrace it...slowly). 

At the top of the official letter is the Provincial Logo. I scan down, seeing my name and the date "November 29th."

Shutthefrontdoor...I've been selected for Jury Duty. 

For Reals.

What a nightmare. 

Crappity, Crap Crap. 

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