Extreme Dog-mas

I love Christmas. 


I may be slightly biased because my birthday is around the same time (it's the one time of year that I get presents...a glorious, glorious three days of anticipatory excitement). It's kind of difficult to live with me for the middle weeks of December, but thankfully Marc's onside with my desire to have "Christmas throw up all over of our house." When we play the when-we-win-the-lottery-game, my mind almost always ends up fantasizing about the silver, blue and purple decorations that would be on every available surface and lit with a zillion twinkle lights (I'm more partial to non-traditional Christmas colours). Oh...and a blow-up Santa that stands in your yard and sporadically pulls down his pants to moon passerby's. Classy. 

On Monday, my love of Christmas decorations was tested. Please keep in mind that I have extremely eclectic decorative tastes. 

I dropped the boys off at the groomer and this is what I saw:

Yes. That is a Christmas tree shaved into the back of a poodle-mix with stuck on bows. There were also purple bows on her front legs.

According to the groomer, she was "doing okay until the bows went on her front legs." I'm not so sure.

As much as I love Christmas and have outfits for Pepi and The Pickle, they wear them for a cummulative 53 seconds before insisting they be removed. This poor pup has no choice but to be a tree. Even with the bows removed, you shaved a tree into her back!!

The tree-dog's Mama seemed happy with the result. I'm still on the fence. 


  1. That is insane!! Please don't do that to your pup!! That is just too much!!

  2. Haha! You can rest easy Nikki. The boys just got a regular ole cut.

  3. Your comment made me smile, enormous cell phones really do make everything better!

    P.s. Poor dog. Also, your dogs name is making me crave pickles.

  4. I like Christmas I just always feel it starts so early in the year. And too much Christmas, like let's say A DOGGY TREE, is no bueno.

    People of the world: no doggy trees.



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