I Got Framed!

If you're a crafter, cake decorator enthusiast or scrapbooker then you're aware that Michaels has everything. I can get lost in the aisles, just wandering and looking at the amazing assortment of sparkly stuff I hadn't known existed. Their prices are a little steep, but with the weekly 40% discount ticket (occasionally 50%) it's great. Last week, when the paper arrived, I did my usual and picked it up drove right over it. I try to position my car so I can just scoop it up while still driving. However, my attempts at polo-paper-collection usually end up just flattening it. Marc will come home at the end of the day and since he doesn't suffer from the same condition, grabs the squashed paper and brings it inside.

Don't misunderstand me, we don't actually read the local paper. To be fair, we live in a rural community just outside of a medium-sized city. Not much happens so the weekly newspaper is basically a glorified classifieds section with two tiny articles about farming, or hunting or something else country-esque. Nestled inside the 1-2 page paper though, are the flyers.

I love the flyers!

I love knowing what's on sale and how far I can stretch our weekly grocery budget. I've been doing a pretty good job and every three weeks or so, we're able to take the leftover cash and treat ourselves to a "free" restaurant supper. Yes, I sometimes feel like a total loser when the cashier can't figure out why my 50 cent coupon won't scan and there's a huge lineup behind me, but not enough to let that $.50 slip me by! 

In last week's paper Michaels had a MEGA-coupon unlike any other I'd seen before. So huge, in fact, that I thought my eyes were decieving me. The flyer said that on Wednesday, November 24 from 9am - noon, your entire purchase would be 30% off!! Including sale items!!! As I read the back of the flyer, I found that all of their wall frames would also be on sale.

My heart started to pound.

I'd been scoping out some wall frames there forever. They have a double matting and are just beau-ti-ful. When I'd be in for another reason, I'd stop by to visit the $65 frames and let my fingers play with the corners of the smooth black finish. In my dreams, I have three of these frames above my bed. I didn't know if the frames I loved were included in the sale, but judging by the name of this post, I'm sure you can guess what happened.

I've been holding onto this coupon for almost a week now and was impressed that (a) I didn't lose it and (b) I actually remembered to take it with me this morning. Holding my breath (metaphorically) I made my way into the way-more-crowded-than-usual store and went directly to the 3rd frame aisle. Like I said, I visit them whenever I'm there. Lo and behold, they were 40% off! Plus, I could use my 30% off coupon!!!


Well shutthefrontdoor!! When does that ever happen? It's insane! The larger frames were 60% off, so with the coupon a $100 frame would cost me $10. For reals. My pupils have never been more dilated.

It's also where I sort of lost my mind...

The problem with everything being so discounted is I felt like I needed to get everything. Things I'd never want if they were full price suddenly become must-haves. I blindly threw everything anything I could get my hands on. I wandered around the store for the better part of an hour before taking a good hard look at the contents of my tiny Michaels cart (why are they so small?). 

Starting to feel warm, partially due to my amazing coat and fear that I'd lost complete control, I tucked myself off to the end of an aisle to actually survey what I'd grabbed. Candles, Duff's cake decorating supplies, canvases, paint brushes, Christmas decorations -- it was packed!

Shaking my head while lightly scolding myself for picking up a wall ribbon-organizer, three sets of 2 for 1 candles and a box of individual tissue packets (with holiday themes), I turned around to start putting things back. After I'd emptied my cart from "non-essentials" I somehow found myself back in the frame aisle. I simply adore enlarging personal pictures (no faces though) to decorate our home. Artwork is nice, but I prefer arty photos of places we've been. Well, I've got quite a bit of developing to do because I walked out of the store with 9 new frames, 2 candles and a can of silver cake spray...all for just over $100!! 

How much did I save though?...

Over $150!!

I can't believe that I finally have the frames of my dreams as well as an additional 6 that'll be in a wall in our kitchen. The thrill of the savings and the unexpected satisfaction to my anticipatory longing have made this the best Wednesday ever!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (*insert dancing circle of glee).


  1. I love Michaels!! I would have bought everything in the store!! I'm super impressed with your self control. I would have totally gotten the ribbon organizer. There is actually this wall organizer for crafting supplies at Hobby Lobby that I'm totally obsessed with, and now i feel the intense urge to go out on Black Friday and see if I can get it... congrats on your awesome purchases! Make sure to show us the finished product!!

  2. Nikki, it was ah-ma-zing! Once we're done painting and have the pictures up, I'll post a few shots fo sho! Happy (American) Thanksgiving!


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