Less Sex is Better

I was devastated when I had to tap out of seeing the premiere of Sex and the City 2. It finally came out on DVD and I watched it this weekend.

Whomp, Whomp. 

It seemed like the chemistry had left the building, as the four heroines had a difficult time engaging with each other in a real way. When they finally got to Abu Dhabi, it got a little better but not much. I was most looking forward to seeing Aiden, but he appeared like a desert mirage and I'm still not sure if I actually saw him or not. 

Predictable plot lines.
Bad dialogue.
Poopy-poopiness (a technical movie term).

Thank Jebus for Samantha.

Without her hot flashes and getting arrested, I'm not sure I'd have kept watching. She was friggin' hysterical and the only part of the movie that somewhat reflected the TV series. I don't think that I'd ever been more irritated with Carrie.

The clothes were fabulous, at least, but there could have been so much more than there was. 

Dear SATC: It's time to retire.