Monday's Fictional Hottie 2

I've been delighted with the feedback about Monday's Fictional Hotties, so it looks like I'm gonna keep 'er going! Since last Monday, I've been bombarded with ideas. I like to cast a wide net (as do some of my friends) and I'm having a great time. 

This morning, I looked downs my huge list and my eyes locked onto one particular name. I briefly Goggled him to find a picture, which confirmed his spot on the list.

Without further adieu, may I present The second Fictional Hottie...

Reggie Mantle!

Hello Reggie (notice the coordination with the jacket and shoes)  (link)

He was a jock, played bass in a band and had enough cockiness to catch my pre-pubescent attention. His constant desire to undermine Archie and win Veronica's heart was a welcome change from Archie's indecisiveness (poor Betty/like Veronica really cared). Also, Reggie may have been my first encounter with a metro-sexual as he loved combing his hair and sporting nice clothes (current 90's trends that in retrospect were awful, but it's not fair to judge from now...obv). Although sometimes painted as the 'bad guy,' I was always rooting for ole Reg. 

In the early 1990's, there was even a made-for-TV-movie called Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again that I loved.  Seeing the characters in non-cartoon-form was awesome. I can't find a picture of the actor who played the dapper Mr. Bush (bummer) but am sure that he brought the cartoon hunk to life. I've also read that there may be a re-make!! Fingers crossed, people!

So there you go, Mr. Reggie 'I Love Me' Mantle. You're the hottest of all of grocery-store-comic-book characters and #2 on the Fictional Hotties list (in no particular order).

Who's in for a trip to Pop's?

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