Monday's Fictional Hottie 4

Time starts to go by so fast this time of year; as if this is the fourth posting already! So far, I've picked from literature, comics and TV. There are so many fictional hotties to chose from that it's kind of hard to decide who'll be next. I perused my list this morning and my eyes locked on a certain someone who was mighty far down. No matter though, as the thought of this dude made my heart pitter-patter.

I think that all lovers of male hotties appreciate a little intrigue. Not really knowing much about a fictional hottie who's been sent to "save" me from some horrible fate is terribly appealing (and very non-feminist...but I can't help it!). I love when this hottie's ickin' ass and takin' names while also retaining his boy-ish good looks. Some of you may suspect that I'm leaning towards a spy character, and you're not wrong. However, it's not Mr. Bond as I find him to be misogynistic, condescending and seriously irritating. So who's left?

Well, wait no more...

Today's Fictional Hottie is...

Jason Borne!

What up Borne? (brought to the silver screen by the dashing Matt Damon). - link

Unlike most books-to-blockbuster movies, I didn't read any of the novels before watching. Frankly, I'm not sure that I would have dug the books like I do the films and that has a lot to do with the talented Mr. Damon. He manages to present a character who's concerned about innocent bystanders, makes genuine connections with his female leads and still manages to find time to take out the assassins who've been sent to kill him. His understated clothes and chiseled forearms make for a down-to-earth mega-hottie as there's nothing more attractive than a normal-joe-type who can whip out a roundhouse kick, if required. 

Congratulations Jason Borne, you're #4!! (in no particular order)

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