Timmie's Troubleshooting

The most random thing just happened to me. I was sitting at my computer, writing, when my phone rang. It was an Ontario area-code but I didn't know the number. I picked it up.

A woman asked to speak with me. I sighed, assuming she was one of the countless telemarketers who call me. Hearing my flat tone as I confirmed my name, she introduced herself. She was a Customer Care representative from Tim Hortons, who was calling to address my recent email.

Flash back to last week:
Marc and I were out running some errands when we stopped at a Timmies for a cup of coffee. Now, I don't drink coffee, or icky Orange Pekoe tea so I never go. When Marc needs a fix though, I'll occasionally throw in a request to the drive-through-order-taker. Sometimes it's a Banana Nut muffin, but those are the rarest of all Tim Hortons muffins and therefore difficult to find. More often, I settle on Tim Bits or a Vanilla Dip Donut.

Enter my issue:
In this particular coffee stop, I opted for the Vanilla Dip Donut. We ordered, paid and collected our items. I opened up the small paper bag and saw the saddest excuse for a Vanilla Dip Donut, ever. Sure, the top part was coated in frosting, but a meagre 1/3 had sprinkles.

It wasn't even half!

A third
30% Sprinkles?! 

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The reason the Vanilla Dip is awesome is because of the sprinkles! The fewer the sprinkles, the less-yummy the donut.

Fiona (my AyePhone) has access to the internet, so I fired off an email to their corporate office. I was polite and simply asked if there was any protocol for the sprinkle application of Vanilla Dip donuts.

Back to today:
My jaw nearly dropped to the floor as the lovely Customer Care Rep explained that the Vanilla Dip donut is the only thing that isn't standardized in the chain. Each store is responsible for the amount of sprinkles they choose to throw on the top of the donut. She suggested that I contact the store I frequent the most and explain my full-sprinkle preference. She also said that most chains would make me one, on the spot. 

A couture donut? 
Mais oui!

She thanked me for my email and asked me if she'd answered my question. She did.

I never would have suspected that the corporate office of a franchise would deliver this type of service. If only every place did! A phone call to clarify a 4-line email? Ah-maz-ing.

Well played Timmies. 

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when people acknowledge your complaint and care enough to call you?? It doesn't happen often, but when it does happen it is so wonderful!!


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