Monday's Fictional Hottie 5

So as I perused my list today, I noticed a trend. I seem to have quite a thing for superheroes. Whether in cartoon form or real life, I appear to be suffering from rescue-me-itis. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I don't think that it's representative of how I view the world. 

That intro brings me nicely into this week's Fictional Hottie.

No stranger to super-hero strength, this hottie is able to al most suspend themselves in mid air while whipping a frisbee-weapon at lightning speed. Although they have a somewhat irritating battle-cry, there's no doubt that this fictional hottie means business.

Congratulations Xena, you're Fictional Hottie #5! (in no particular order)

Xena, the Warrior Princess, a la Lucy Lawless. (link)

So what? You thought I'd only be including male hotties? *wink

No way! There are so many female fictional hotties out there, it's be a sin not to include them. Xena is kind of a bitch, but a bitch in the best way. Like other unsung heros, she always does the right thing in the end and is more attractive for it. She's manipulative, cunning, strong and super badass. Not to hammer in my point, but those words would automatically be present in an unlikely male hero, yet to some, women with the same qualities aren't so hot. 

Well screw that! 

This is my list and Xena is a total fictional hottie. Period. 

Granted, I could do with a small wardrobe change with less metallic-outside-bras, but at least she's not in stilettos. Plus, that frisbee thing of hers is friggin' wicked. 

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  1. LOVE Xena. I saw her on some reality show and I could hardly recognize her! She stills looks gorgeous.


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