Monday's Fictional Hottie 8 (I know, It's Late)

Over a week since my last post. Where does the time go? I'll tell ya -- nowhere!! Haha. 

Although it's Wednesday, I'm still titling this post as a "Monday." One of the downsides of having weekly themed posts is the fact that I have to post them WEEKLY. *gentle hand slap

Lesson learned: pre-write some posts for when I have to up my meds and consequently lose my grip on reality. 

Moving on...

This week is not only Christmas, but also my birthday. The very first picture taken of me was by my Dad when I was hanging out in the hospital nursery. He had a hard time figuring out which one I was because every baby was swaddled tightly and then placed in a stocking that read: Merry Christmas Mom & Dad. Gotta love that!

Anyhoo, because I basically share my birthday with Jebus (we're close friends and He likes it when I call Him that) I'm used to a week's blitz of presents, celebrations and eating fatty delicious butter-infused foods through a haze of lovely champagne. Sure, sometimes it sucks a little that birthday gifts come in poinsetta wrapping paper, but I sure do love the 7 days of madness that surround my birthday, coming to an end at New Years Eve. 

So what does that have to do with Monday's Fictional Hottie?

It means that I'm reserving the right to write a post about a fictional crush that's been close to my heart for a long time. It's my birthday and although I've written about him before...it's my birthday (tomorrow) which means I can do what I like ;). 

We're heading back to TV-land. A place where I didn't spend a whole lot of time growing-up, but there were a few shows that I was allowed to watch as a teen. This hottie spent a great deal of time chasing after girls who needed "saving," painting huge walls as declarations of love and was never irritated by side-face-talking characters who couldn't sing yet insisted on doing so. Every time I hear the few beats of the opening song, I'm taken away to a place where row-boats are more useful than cars and parents are cool with large ladders permanently attached to the outside of houses so friends don't have to use the front door. I won't make you wait any longer...

Congrats Mr. Pacey Witter, you're number 8! (in no particular order)

Oh the adorable Pacey (link)
With his lopsided grin and full-support-at-whatever-the-cost character had us 90's teens swooning in our living rooms. His father was kind of a dick, his brother wasn't awesome either (but I guess living in the closet had something to do with that) but Pacey proved that good guys don't finish last. In fact, they finish first...and are super hot while doing so. His relationship with Andy was enough to make me a dedicated fan for life. 

When I wrote a post about Jim Halpbert, I expressed concerns I had about the actors behind the fictional hotties. It seems that Joshua Jackson has the same problem -- all the ladies want is Pacey. To show that Mr. Jackson has a little bit of the Pacey-charm, he did the most hilarious video, which I've posted below. If you've got a spare 4 minutes and are are a Pro-Pacey, I recommend pressing "play."

Side Note: It's kind of convenient that this week was #8, as it rhymes with "late." Just sayin'

Happy (non) Monday!


Whattaya got to say about that? *waits*

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