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I hope that everyone enjoyed/is enjoying a fantastic holiday break. This Christmas was one of the best I've had in recent memory, so with the combination of it's awesome-ness and the wicked-ness of my birthday...let's just say I'm exhausted. The holidays are fun but they take a lot of you. Even the dogs seem to be in Christmas-comas. It was a green Christmas but then last night, a storm hit and now it looks like a winter wonderland. The trees are hanging heavy with snow and The Hubby's just waiting for his new iPod to load to take with him outside to snow-blow our driveway. My Mother and her Hubby ended up changing their flight to a red-eye last night and it was a good thing because all the flights have been cancelled for today. It was a rushed ending to our holiday visit but has made a fantastic story. Worth it. 

Moving onto today's Fictional Hottie!

Back to the books we go. 

The author's descriptive prose in this literary gem leaps off of the page and is one of the few "classics" I own and have actually read more than once. It takes place in the roaring 20s, when prohibition was in full effect and feathers and pearls were the greatest fashion accessories. A mysterious and dashing man throws lavish parties for the snotty upper-crust in hopes of catching a glimpse of his long-lost love. Yes, he turns out to be a little rougher around the edges than he appears at first glance, but his quest for love is admirable. 

Congratulations Jay Gatsby, you're #9! (in no particular order)

There's been some buzz that this novel's film adaptation is in the works for a re-make (to be precise, this one would actually be the third film as the first was a silent one, although not nearly as well known...by myself also...who watches silent movies?). I usually frown upon such things and have severe reservations about this one in particular. The story is classic and more than stands on its own without visual aid, but the 1974 flick is pretty great. The casting was perfection and I do appreciate having the mental image of such a great characters with the face of a super-hunky actor. 

Oh yes, this movie had my full attention in 10th grade. Bonjour Mr. Redford (link)

I love me some slightly-off-balance love stories and this one is right up my alley. The plot reads like the original Real Housewives of The Hamptons, complete with near child abandonment and rampant infidelity. Daisy is kind of a nightmare, but Gatsby sees her through rose-coloured glasses. Although he didn't exactly earn his income legally, you have to appreciate his willingness to do what he needed to do...in order to satisfy a superficially-driven princess (not that I'm bitter). 

I remember reading the book in high school and being completely fascinated with Gatsby. We had a super cool history teacher in 10th grade and he assigned our class to make a speakeasy in the library as a final project. It was the funnest assignment EVER! A friend and I were put in charge of teaching the class the Charleston and it was awesome. I also remember a lot of the guys in my class looking extra good in their period costumes, so the minute that Robert Redford appeared onscreen with his ballin' suits and half-cocked hats, I was done-zo. 

Yummity, yum yum Gatsby!

Happy Monday!

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