Redemption Oreos

I woke up yesterday, started getting the croissant ingredients together and sighed. I knew I'd decided to give them another go but couldn't stand the thought of spending another day whacking butter and dough without knowing the end result until much, much, much later. I put the ingredients back in the drawers and headed over to Bake at 350 for some inspiration on how I could redeem myself. 

I stumbled on the site a few weeks ago and have been OBSESSED ever since. Bridget is friggin' wicked at icing cookies. Like the BEST cookie decorator EVER! I never knew that cookies could look like this or this. She's bananas. 

To my surprise, I saw that Bridget had a recipe for homemade oreos. 

Ya heard me. Homemade Oreos.

I scanned the ingredients list and was delighted to find that I had everything the recipe required. Skipping (theoretically) into the kitchen, I started whipping up a batch. They were easy to make --  a chocolate roll-out cookie recipe and simple icing with a little gelatin. Although they don't taste exactly like oreos (the cookie is much softer) they were deeeeeeelish. Click here for the recipe. 

I got 29 sandwiches out of the batch. This morning, five remain (yikes...blame the hubby, blame the hubby)

Thank goodness they turned out as I wouldn't have been able to take another baking defeat. As suggested, I added a little detail to the outside.

So yummy!!

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