*Sniff Sniff, Whatta Crybaby

If I wasn't on top of the calendar (*ahem) I'd sure be thinking that a monthly visitor would be making the rounds soon. Why? Because I've cried at the most ridiculous things today. Things that should be doing the opposite. 
Maybe it's the time of year. 
Maybe I've just gone soft. 
Either way though, it's a good thing I didn't plan on leaving the house today because I'm clearly on an edge of an emotional free-for-all and would have ended up weeping in the grocery line or post office. I've listed the culprits below and you'll see what I mean.

Barbara Walters: The Oprah Interview
The Big O was talking about her BFF Gale and what she means to her. Listening to her description of what the friendship has given her got me thinking about my besties. The past couple of years have shown me just how amazing my friends are and how lucky I am to have found such supportive and wonderful women. The more Oprah talked, the more I thought about how much they mean to me and -- BAM -- cry #1

Side Note: Babs was lookin' a little rough, non? During the intro pieces, she was one loose power application from becoming a corpse. There's lots of HD-friendly makeup out there but she clearly wasn't wearing any. She looked like one of those dolls who's eyes flip up and down. Essentially - she looked like a creepy doll. It also didn't help that every shirt she was wearing had some hideous flower detail or awful broach. With the Jersey Shore kids, her earrings were attempting to sever their relationship with her lobes and it was painful to watch. She's been on the air since the dawn of TV and should really know better.

The Breakfast Club
I clicked into the movie about halfway through. I've seen it about a zillion times but still get sucked in whenever I'm passing by. The scene when Emilio's character describes his bullying of another school-mate and the humiliation the kid must have felt telling his father about the attack gets me every time. It got me thinking about bullying, which made me think of the It Gets Better Campaign. Popping on Youtube, I watched a few more -- BAM -- cry #2

Side Note: I don't know why I love watching those videos so much but I really do. I can't IMAGINE having someone physically assault/threaten/berate me because of my love for Marc. It's so important for everyday (not celebrity) out-and-proud adults to tell gay youth that there is life after high school, because as all of us late-20-somethings know -- high school really is a flash in the pan. Even though I don't identify with the issue, I support it whole heartedly and I will continue to watch them the inspirational folks who post their messages of love. 

The Office: Christmas Episode
Holly's back and her and Michael may get back together. Holey Moley, this is amazing. That, however, is not what prompted me to burst into tears. There was a seriously touching scene where Darrel's daughter was in need of a Christmas surprise and some Office members chipped in. Pam said that a Grinch stole the star from the top of the tree and hid it in the warehouse. When Andy appeared as said Grinch -- BAM -- cry #3

Side Note: The snowmen in the parking lot were hysterical and reminded me of Calvin n Hobbes. Does anyone remember those cartoons with the picketing/monster snowmen? I love those.

Other Side Note: If Holly and Michael don't get together, I'm gonna be pissed. This is his last season and he better end up with someone. If you watch the show, you'll understand that Holly's his only option and therefore, they MUST get together. Perhaps it will be in his last episode? I'm guessing they'll stretch out the tension for a while and I love me that kind of story line!

So there you have it; the three things that have left me with watery eyes and an even runnier nose. Colds friggin' suck, but heartwarming TV seems to make them better. The only thing left to watch on the PVR is Bones. If I cry during that show, something is definitely wrong with me.

I'll keep you posted.

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