Honey, You Wanna Paint The Bathroom?

It's been a year and eight months since we put our house in Ontario up for sale and decided to move East. We made the gutsy decision to just "do it" and packed up before the house had sold. The downside to gutsy decisions is that sometimes...they suck.

FINALLY, it closed yesterday and is no longer our responsibility.

We are single home-owners and it feels GREAT!

So what do we do to celebrate? We decided that we'd finally paint our upstairs bathroom!! *gleeful circular dance*

When we bought this house, every wall was beige. 

Every. Single. Wall. 

I felt like I was drowning in a cup of oatmeal...the kind that doesn't have extra sugar and therefore tastes like cardboard. It was bland-y, bland bland. We had enough cash to paint three rooms, one of them being the upstairs bathroom. In our get-the-builders-beige-outta-here haste, we picked a colour that has kind of turned into a nightmare. When we took some decorative things from the walls to put in our bedroom, even more of the walls were visible which is when we officially started hating it. As soon as we knew the house was sold, we were at The Depot getting paint chips.

We picked a colour that's called "Cumulus Cloud" by Martha. It's a wonderful light-green-ish-grey but looks white until you put it next to actual white. It's PERFECT! It'll FOR SURE make our morning rituals more zen and spa-like. So we picked up a gallon and squealed with delight all the way home (well, maybe not The Hubby). 

As we were standing in the bathroom doorway, eyeballing how many holes we'd have to patch in the walls before painting over the mint-green misstep, we had the following conversation. 

To make this story easier to follow, this is what we were looking at.

There's also a bathtub behind the door.

The Hubby: Why didn't they put the beautiful wainscotting grooved pine pieces up to the same height as the countertop?

Me: I don't know but it does look kinda silly.

The Hubby: I hate it.

Me: I hate it too.

The Hubby: We should just take it off then, patch the walls where we need to and then paint the whole thing!

Me: That's the best idea EVER!

Well, that convo ended up going on for a while...

as we were indulging in a little wine with supper...

and this is what happened afterwards.

Funny that you can see the Advil bottle on the right...busting out tile is LOUD!

Our teeny-tiny reno project has now morphed into:

  • Insulating all of the walls that don't have any
  • Sealing off the cold air returns that were just randomly hanging out behind the toilet
  • Re-drywalling the bottom sections we destroyed
  • Re-tiling around the tub
  • Getting a new faucet because "if we're re-tiling then we might as well get a faucet that has a spray attachment so we can stop washing the boys in the kitchen sink"
  • Oh, and painting of course
The plumber's here right now installing our super-pretty-looks-like-it's-vintage-but-it's-not faucet. We're hoping to have the walls prepped to tile by the weekend. This is the biggest home reno project we've ever done and I'm VERY EXCITED to see how it turns out. Thank goodness The Hubby's handy (he's an electrician and working in construction has some residual perks...minus working with water...a lesson we learned a while ago...haha).

I'll keep you posted on our progress!

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  1. Hahaha this turned into quite the project! But seriously, good for y'all and I secretly look forward to doing reno-y type things with the boyfriend once he becomes the husband (seriously, though, WHEN WILL THAT BE?).

    Also: builder's beige is the worst and kudos to you/y'all for getting on the paint sitch. I'm a firm believer in color (specifically colors that ARE NOT beige). :)


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