Hunger Game Survival

Ten days of make-me-crazy-but-save-my-life-medications and I'm BACK, baby! It was a longer haul than usual this time 'round the Common-Cold-Express (also known as my disease's arch nemesis when it comes to infections...crazy but true) and it looks like the worst is over. Hopefully today will be the first day that I can ween off some and then get back to my regular doses of things within a week!


The last week and and a half have gone by pretty swiftly, although drug-induced hazes do seem to pass the time :). A silver lining to feeling like I'm about to jump out of my own skin (drug side-effect) though, is that I'm able to get really into books. I'd always thought that since my attention span becomes that of a flea's when I'm on an "increase," reading a book would be a seriously frustrating experience. It turned out to be quite the opposite though.

I immersed myself in a bit of Young Adult fiction last week and haven't stopped thinking about it yet. Well,  to be technical, I haven't stopped thinking about "the series" yet. 

They're called "The Hunger Games" and were written by Suzanne Collins. An acquaintance described them as "1984" meets "Lord of the Flies." That hybrid got my attention and I must say that, after reading them, the description is bang on. 

Set in one of those "in-the-future-but-it's-kind-of-like-the-past" times, the books deal with a seriously barbaric "game" called The Hunger Games. Basically, there's a dictatorship kinda deal happening with the government and all citizens must enter their children into a kill-or-be-killed competition each year. 

As far as story lines go, this one is bananas.

In fact, I read all three in about as many days. 

Ms. Collins is a bad-ass writer. Not since Harry Potter has a story stayed like this with me. I have NO IDEA how "The Hunger Games" came to be in the YA section because it's subject material could be a little bit much for the kiddies. Luckily, I'm not 12 and did not suffer from nightmares that would surely plague a younger reader. 

I cannot recommend this series enough, so if you're an avid reader who likes it when an author creates an entirely new and self-sufficient world then you'd probably devour the three-book series. Oh, and the main character is a 16-year old girl named Katniss and she's seriously awesome (love, love, love me some strong female characters!). 

So thank you, "The Hunger Games," for getting me through a booooo-ring time. I give you two crazy-thumbs up!

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