I (Almost) Like This Concept

Flicking through the channels, trying to find something to watch the other day, I stumbled across a TV show titled "I (Almost) Got Away With It." Curious, I tuned in.

Is this really what we've come to?

It seems to be a Crimestoppers-esque show about criminals who almost got away with committing a crime. The first story was about two offenders who tried to escape from prison. They beat up a guard, stole the keys and ended up getting caught before they could get outside the high concrete bricked wall. 

The reenactments (almost) made me feel like I was really there. 

The actors were (almost) believable.

The story (almost) kept my interest. 

No wait...it DIDN'T!!

How is that supposed to be entertaining? The whole time I was watching I was thinking: "It doesn't even matter where you're running now, you're not going to make it." 

The best part of any plot involving criminal activity is the ESCAPE AT THE END! Hello?! Ever watched a movie on the edge of your seat thinking, "No wait -- not that way stupid, go the other way!! What are you doing?? The cops are outside!! Nooooooooo!" and then suddenly, there's a great car chase scene that ends with a GETAWAY.

If I KNOW that they'll just get caught at the end...where's the suspense? The drama?

Here's a tip: take out the "(almost)."

What is funny though, is the name. I thought of the following amazing "(Almost)" placements and how it would alter the show's concept.

16 and (Almost) Pregnant - essentially any Real World

(Almost) Undercover Boss - Employees suss out that the new guy is really their boss...and then start kissing a-double-ess at astounding speed

Dora The (Almost) Explorer - Dora just sits around her house, watching TV & napping

The (Almost) Amazing Race - No passports required; it's just a race around your neighbourhood...on a bike.

Dancing With The (Almost) Stars - oh wait...

All right, so this may become my favourite new game. "(Almost)'s" for everyone!!

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  1. LOL. Seriously. Dora The (Almost) Explorer! Dancing With The (Almost) Stars. :)

    It's funny how the most ridiculous syndication can catch and keep your attention. Often times, I will be writing and my wife has some stupid reality show on and I get sooooo distracted. I don't hate it because I think it's stupid (even though they are), I hate reality TV because it wastes my time and I can't control it!!!


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