Just Add Josh


There is a HILARIOUS video on YouTube featuring the seriously talented Josh Groban on Jimmy Kimmel. 

Although he's not in my regular listening rotation, I consider myself a sort-of-fan. His voice is undeniably gorgeous but I'm drawn to slightly more happy bippity-bobbity music. After watching this clip though, I feel like I may have to give him another chance. 

What makes this clip so funny?

He's singing Kanye West's tweets (and that guy says some strange stuff).

I laughed out loud while completely by myself, like a "guff-a-ing" kind of laughing. Had I not been alone, I would have shoulder-slapped someone for sure (my official "that's just TOO FUNNY" reaction). 

That's how awesome it is. 

In fact, I watched it a second time and still laughed. Despite my sounding like a lunatic who hysterically laughs to herself (and may or may not injure you if provoked), take three minutes and watch.

How can he be cute, talented AND funny? If Josh Groban was fictional, he'd for sure make my list. 

Is it just me, or does Kanye sound a little less crazy/strange when his tweets are sung? I believe that you can say almost anything to anyone, as long as your tone is appropriate. Perhaps I should add singing to my list of options for having difficult conversations.

OhemGee, could you imagine?

All right, I've imagined it and it's not so pretty. I'll just leave the singing stuff to Josh-y (he probably hates when people call him that, but it's not like he'll be reading this...so it stays!). 


  1. It's totally embarrassing to do this TWICE IN ONE DAY, but ohmygosh I literally just posted the link to this video on my Facebook right before I saw your post. Great minds think alike??

  2. Bahaha!!! I love it!! (both the video AND that we both found it and posted it somewhere!) For reals though...I think I've watched it about 10 times now. My favourite line is "furry pillows aren't that great to sleep on." Oh Kanye...


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