Monday's Fictional Hottie 12

I cannot believe that I've gotten all the way to #12 and this hottie has yet to make an appearance. He's got to be one of the HOTTEST characters to grace the small-screen in recent years. Part of one of the most successful TV series ever, I'm stunned that he wasn't one of my first postings. 

I was OBSESSED with him, as were a handful of friends. He's not everyone's cup of tea but for me, he's a serious hottie. Frankly, the show would have been lost without him. 

Buff arms? Check.

Smooth voice? Check.

Redemptive qualities? Check.

Ability to rock a black tank in any situation imaginable? Check.

Congratulations Sayid Jarrah, you're #12! (in no particular order).

Holy crap, he's such a hottie

Granted, he was forced into torturing his fellow citizens during the war (including one of his former girlfriends...*cringe) but as soon as he landed on The Island, he started to turn around. 

Side note: as I'm writing the description above, my eyes can't help but keep looking at Sayid's picture and it's terribly distracting. I suddenly feel the need to order 1,000 black tanks and suggest that The Hubby start wearing them (I kid, I kid). For reals though, I seem to have lost my train of thought...

Where was I...oh yes...

I was a very sad puppy when the water turned him eeeeevil but ultimately, I think it was the most fitting for his character. He's a hottie, but a tortured one and the only way that he could reclaim himself is through self-sacrifice. He was the first to go exploring, defend other camp members and bury those who died. When he spoke, other characters listened while I was mesmerized by his sexy accent.

Essentially, Sayid trapped himself in a circle of hottness because as long as he stayed on course, his attractive-level only increased.

Right, well now I've decided what I'll be doing today - watching me some LOST!!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. He was on Law & Order SVU as a guest star I think....And I agree, that pic is very distracting!


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