Our Bathroom is B-a-n-a-n-a-s!

Three weeks ago, The Hubby and I had a conversation that resulted in the utter destruction of our upstairs bathroom. The project turned into its own entity but was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! My wonderful husband spent MANY nights drywalling, skimcoating, sanding, priming, painting, tiling and cleaning and then my awesome Dad stepped in to finish the final coat of paint and then re-assemble the room. It was a group project at the end, but everything's done now except for the baseboards (which we don't really care about and probably won't fix for a while). 

Here's a pictoral spread of how we went from The Blah-est Bathroom Ever to our current B-a-n-a-n-a-s Bathroom.

When we first moved in.
We put up those candle holders.

Then painted it this minty-green-mistake and added the mirror.

And installed a larger towel rack.
Then we decided to take out the wannabe wainscotting.
And the tile around the tub...oh, and the faucet too.
This is the final result.
It's so pretty that I find myself just standing in it and looking around. 
Seriously! Look at this faucet!!
So The Hubby is a giant hero as I feel like our bathroom could take part in any home magazine's "High and Low" section. Obviously, we're in the LOW category and look what we were able to do! Funny how I say "we" were able to do it when all "I" did was pick out the materials and say "higher" when arranging the pictures...anyway...

It turned out so well and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Taking baths is so much better with a spray attachment and this one hangs up like an old phone! I don't think it gets any awesome-r!

Serious props to all The Hubby's hard work and to my Dad too, for rounding out the end and putting it all together.

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