Two Other Guys Could Have Done It Better

I learned a lesson last night. It wasn't quite a "lightbulb" moment but something that I've been in denial about for a while. No matter how many times this has happened to me, I somehow convince myself that "next time, it'll be different." Shockingly, it never is.

Only halfway out of our Christmas-coma, The Hubby and I decided to rent a movie and watch it in bed. We wandered around the small DVD room at our local gas-station-extrodinaire and saw a few new releases. I picked up a flick called "The Other Guys" which starred Will Ferrell and Mark Whalburg. The back revealed that the two worked together as cops. 


My thought process went a little bit like this:

Oooo! Will Ferrell - he's funny!

Oooo! Mark Whalburg - he's cute!

Funny + cute = excellent Saturday selection. 


Somewhere in my incredibly mathematical equation, something went awry. The first half hour was almost funny but all hope of humour left our TV set quickly after. The "jokes" may have been written by a fifth-grade improv group (without proper supervision) and all that Mr. Whalburg seemed to do was knit his pretty face and scream (thusly destroying his cute-ness). 

Needless to say, we made it halfway through and then turned it off to watch a rerun of The Office (the one when Michael thought he had herpes...classic). 

So what's the lesson?

I learned that if a movie didn't spend a lot of time in the box offices then it probably sucks. Furthermore, if a new release movie only has three copies available, then it probably really sucks. Finally, if it's the Saturday night after NYE, when everyone is still recovering and all three copies of a new release movie are still available...it's probably the worst movie ever.

Lesson learned. 

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  1. Yeah...

    We watched this a couple of days ago. I would classify it as a chuckle-er. The jokes were predictable and, as you so elegantly put it, not far beyond the unsupervised-fifth-grade-improv-group level. Sadly, I wouldn't recommend this movie either.


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