What Would Stacy London Say?

One of the people I follow on Twitter has recently been referring to a strange thing she called "Pajama Jeans." I had no idea what she was talking about...until now.

Behold the wonder that is...

Oh. Dear. (link)
You have to ask yourself two questions:

"Do I like pajamas?"

"Do I like jeans?"

If you answered "yes," then you should order yourself up a pair.

Unless, of course, you care about what you look like. From the infomercial, which I found online, they look to be sweatpants that have lines silk-screened on so they look like jeans. 'm all for comfy pants and have many pairs of LuLu's that manage to walk the fine line between inside and outside appropriateness and suppose that the Pajama Jean is looking to crack that market...BUT...these are brutal and would most definitely find themselves at the bottom of the silver trash can on What Not To Wear...immediately.

Side Note: Isn't "Pajama" spelt wrong? I thought it was supposed to be "Pyjama." A-ha! My spellcheck agrees with me!

So what happened Pajama Jeans? Was the proper spelling already taken? Are there TWO versions out there?! It's too much for my big sexy brain to handle.

Okay, so now I kind of want to order a pair ONLY to see what they're like. No wait, someone else should order a pair and then let me see them.

Do it!!

Someone, DO IT!

ps If you've come here from Mingle Mondays (only slightly delayed seeing as it's Tuesday) -- thanks for stopping by! I loves new readers!


  1. GIRL. Words cannot express to you how much I loathe the pajama jean. I saw this commercial the other day, too, (after having heard way too much about them beforehand), and CRINGED. CRINGED, I TELL YOU. Also, besides being hideous and way too short to wear with heels, is it just me or does it look like those would get wayyy too hot? Just sayin'.

    Also, for shits and gigs, check out THIS monstrosity: http://inventorspot.com/articles/super_sexy_bikini_pants_combine_lowcut_jeans_with_a_string_bikin_12675

    BIKINI JEANS? That's it. This is the future.

    PS: Stopping by from Mingle Monday. Love your blog! :)

  2. (.....) - This is my stunned silence regarding The Bikini Jean. When was it necessary to "Blend the link between bikini's and jeans?" They're HIDEOUS! It's like having a whale tale ALL THE TIME. Obviously, I'll now be forwarding the link to everyone I know ;). Thanks for sharing & stopping by!


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