Amazing New Hybrid

I couldn't sleep at all last night and was up at the crack of dawn with Marc. After dropping off the boys at the groomer, I headed down to the Superstore (aka the greatest supermarket ever...aside from Highland Farms but we don't have those here) to do our weekly shop. Cruising around the baked goods department to steal some of their plastic bags for my homemade bagels (don't judge, I make sure to buy SOMETHING from the bakery to even it out) I came upon THIS!


According to a bakery worker, the croissants are FRIED and then GLAZED.

Mon Dieu! What would the French say? (probably that we're a bunch of fatties)

I would have bought one to try but they were only available in packs of six. There's no possible way that these aren't the greatest things ever so I'm proud of myself for NOT picking up the box. One probably has enough calories to carry through two days and the chances of me eating a SINGLE croissant donut are...well...slim. Since I'm trying to get back down to my summer slim-ness, these pastries-on-steroids had to remain at the store.

Still though, I couldn't resist sharing the discovery. 

I do love me a great hybrid. 

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