The Bloggie Awards

So Nikki, The Fashionable Wife, has decided to host her own version of the Oscars, named 

The Bloggie Awards 

and needs help passing the word around.

She made this button herself!

If you're interested in participating, mosey on over to The Fashionable Wife and post your nominations for the following categories:

Best Picture(s)- the best photography
Best Comedy-  funny blogger
Best Supporting Cast -  husbands, boyfriends, children, pets
Best Costumes -  most fashionable blogger/ best fashion posts
Best Food-  the best recipes
Best DIY- crafts, decorating, etc
Best Blogger in a Leading Role-  most likeable blog writer
Best Blog-  the best blog overall- good pics

Nikki will reveal the winners on Sunday, Feb 27th.

Good luck participants!!

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