Cinnamon Toast Cannibalism

Since our massive Costco shopping experience, we've been eating like Royalty! ROYALTY I tell you! With giant packages of everything, it's been a total gorge-fest.

One of the treats we picked up was a MASSIVE box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It's so big because it contains TWO packs of regular sized CTC. The Hubby and I are kinda obsessed with cereal.

We love it.


I'd eat it for every meal if it had enough nutritional content. Since the yummiest ones are full of sugar, I choose to eat bowls for dessert.

Last night, we finished up the unworthy small box and started in on the MEGABOX. As I was pouring my serving, I noticed a strange picture on the side.

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I went back to the teeny box and this picture wasn't on it. Perhaps the box designers needed to fill more space because of the box's ENORMITY, but I'm left with the following question:

Why is one Cinnamon Toast Crunch character LICKING the other? 

By the expression on the lick-ee's face, s/he seems to be enjoying it but his/her eyes also show a trace of concern. The lick-er though, is having the time of his/her life. If they taste the same, why wouldn't s/he lick themselves?

Obviously, there's only one explanation; s/he's a cannibal.