Dear Canon T2i:

You are phenomenal.


I thought that you'd take over a week to arrive at my door, but you came YESTERDAY!! Oh Canon, I've longed for you. You were sold out FOREVER but my Baby Brother was on it and now you're MINE!!

So far, I've read 6 pages of the manual and am loving wandering around my house taking shots of whatever catches my eye. Here are some of the examples that I, a total beginner, managed to take (essentially confirming that you were the Best Purchase Ever).

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bollywood Bangles



Tomatoes on the windowsill 

I can't WAIT for a Skype convo with my wonderful Baby Bro later tonight so he can walk me through your features although I must say that you're pretty easy to use right out of the box! I've always wanted to be able to take zoom-y and up-close-fuzzy-focus-ed pictures (you can tell I'm no pro just by those descriptions) and now I can!

So THANK YOU Canon for creating such a bad-ass camera and although mine doesn't have a name yet (everything gets a name with me) I think she'll reveal it to me sometime today while we're getting to know each other better. 

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