Dental Liberation

Yippee!! My (bottom) teeth are FREE!! 

FREE I tell you!

For the last TWELVE years (give or take) I've had a thin metal wire glued to the inside of my bottom teeth. Way back when I was a teen and had braces, the "permanent retainer" was all the rage. A new technique that solidified the investment that many parents made because teens are fairly unreliable when it came to wearing their retainers. Frankly, it was probably a good move because I was eager to leave the awkwardness of metal mouth behind me the MINUTE my hardware was removed. 

Since it's installation, I've kind of hated it. You see, I LOVE seeds and nuts...

Lemon poppy seed muffins.

Sesame seed bagels. 

Pine nuts on the top of salads.

Crunchy peanut butter.

All of these delightful treats have one thing in common: they all got trapped in the stupid permanent retainer. 

No matter what new flossy-thing came onto the market, it was IMPOSSIBLE to really keep clean. My dentist LOATHES it. 

I made the decision before Christmas that the time had come to get it taken off. Now-a-days there's fancy clear retainers that don't make you sound like Daffy Duck and you only have to wear for 6 months, so I was psyched to have a consult about replacing my irritating orthodontic wear WITHOUT needing a braces-looking-like retainer.

So, this morning it was grind-ed off and my teeth have never felt better!! Also, they've never felt bigger (a strange and unexpected result). 

I came home afterwards and FLOSSED!! Yes, I'm aware that it makes me sound a little geeky, but I'm VERY EXCITED about it! In about 4 hours, I have to go back to get my clear retainer and 6 months from now the process will be over.