Early Easter Pops

Bored, I decided to bake something. My latest obsession has been playing around with CAKE POPS, so off to the cupboard I went to get started. During my last trip for baking supplies at The Bulk Barn I picked up some mini springtime/Easter cookie cutters. Despite the raging BLIZZARD outside, I decided to bring a little spring into my morning.

I'm starting to get better with eavening out the coatings, but it's still a little tricky sometimes. I've learned that the cake needs to be COLD before dipping or it's more likely to split. That means I need to take a break halfway through and refreeze them. It's worth the extra time because there aren't as many casualties.

I made four different shapes:




and Flowers

This shot makes me giggle (despite the crumbling nose).

I seriously love making these things. They're pretty easy and turn out pretty well. I'm not into using sticks though because they're kind of expensive and when the pops are small, they look like little truffles. Delicious chocolate truffles with a magnificent cake and icing centre. 

Oh man, how many days left 'till Spring? *looks longingly outside at snow-covered ground*


  1. Well done!! I love making cake pops/cake bites :D

  2. I've been wanting to make cake pops! But I think I would probably destroy them. Maybe Someday I can conquer them!


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