Extreme Backyard Tobogganing

We get a lot of snow during the winter.

A lot.

Of snow.

As such, everyone around here makes the most of it and fills their days with wondrous winter activities like snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing...an assortment of fun things but the BEST is going tobogganing. There's just nothing like throwing yourself down a way too steep hill, with no way to stop yourself because you're actually riding on a somewhat frozen piece of plastic that has nothing but two holes  on the top that are too small for your mitts to actually get a good grip on. The wind whipping at your face as you scream before hitting a bump at the bottom with such speed that you're launched off of the ground and face-plant in a nearby snowbank.

Loves it.

The most difficult part about tobogganing though, is finding a great hill. Some kids growing up around me had amazing backyards with enough pitch to really get going and I was so jealous but what was I going to do? Build my own in my backyard to compete?

Well, when I was driving around my neighbourhood last week, I saw THIS:


This house has it's own bobsled/luge track!! The bottom part goes on forever which makes me think that you could get a lot of speed off of the top, especially with the banks. 

That's what I call good parenting. 


  1. Check out the "Snowman Slide in South Lake Tahoe" video on my site. (TobogganHills.com/blog).

    *That* is awesome. :D

  2. Thanks swedo! That really IS awesome!!


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