Eye Popping Pepi

After a small tutorial with my Baby Brother via Skype, I've learned a few new tricks with Patty (my new camera). I took my photo-party upstairs because we have a really pretty duvet cover that I thought would make a fantastic background. The shot I ended up getting of Pepi made me laugh so hard that I actually teared up a little, which is why I knew that I just HAD to post it.

His eyeballs are slightly disproportionate for the size of his head.
It's like he wants to eat the remote and I can't stop laughing! Pepi is the funniest subject to take pictures of because he has about a zillion facial expressions. I hadn't noticed his variety of looks until I started taking pictures of him every seven seconds.

And just so I'm not playing favourites, here's one of The Pickle (he's kind of like Zoolander in that he only has one pose but I guess that's all you need when you're really, really good-looking). 

What a handsome fella.
They're off to the groomer tomorrow (Friday), which means that we'll have extra-adorable puppies. I'm not sure if it's possible for me to take more pictures of them than I already am, but perhaps I'll be inspired by their haircuts. 

Plus, the place where we take them uses a shampoo that smells like vanilla cookies. It's awesome. 


  1. I LOVE Pepi's little eyes! TOO FUNNY and what a great shot you've capture, Jennie.

    PS: You are such a good dog owner, taking your puppies to the groomer and everything. Maybe I should stop being lazy and at least bathe my damn dogs every once in awhile?

  2. That first pic is hilarious!! The second one is great!! I chase Buddy around with the camera all the time!!


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