The Humpback of Hanwell

I'm smack-dab in the middle of my THIRD mega-increase of medications since before Christmas, which has been the longest "up and down" period I've had in over a year. Although it's primarily Prednisone that keeps me on track, it's also the cause for a lot of discomfort. 

I'm VERY grateful to be stuck with a disease that has virtually no pain associated with it, but the drugs have brutal side-effects. Aside from the more intense-internal-organ issues, it likes to attack my physical beauty (I said it, PHYSICAL BEAUTY ;) ). I've morphed into a less confident version of myself over the last couple of years and although I try to take it in stride, it sucks. Lately, I've really been trying to work on giving myself a break, but sometimes all I want to do is cry (and then am incredibly GRATEFUL for Marc's amazing way of making me feel like the prettiest girl in the world...and smartest...and most hilarious...I'll stop cause this list could go on forever).

Anyway, that very-controlled-feeling-sorry-for-myself part of my life peaked this weekend when I made a startling discovery.

I was at the bathroom mirror, brushing my teeth (and flossing, booya!) to get ready for bed. I turned to say something to Marc and noticed the back of my neck. More specifically, the HUMP that is now perched just below my hairline.

You heard me,


I've read of the Prednisone bump online, but had yet to develop one of my own. So I've gone from having a weak chin to having multiples, there's darker hair growing where there used to be blonde and now I'm a second cousin to Quasimodo. It's like a twisted version of second puberty.

According to Marc, it's actually been hanging out with me for a while but I haven't noticed. Being an amazing hubby, he didn't feel the need to tell be about its presence and instead has attempted to disperse some of fluid build-up by offering to rub my shoulders. Yeah, he's just the BEST.

So what does that mean, fair readers? What am I to do with my new growth accessory? Well, since I can't do a DAMN THING about it, I've decided to make it FUNNY by compiling a list of songs that include the word "hump" and then dance my pants off to them. (I'm aware that the songs are talking about hump-ing, but that's cool. Who the heck is singing about a hump at the bottom of their neck?)

Here's what I've come up with so far:

1. My Humps - Fergie (arguably the most well-known)
2. Do the Humpty-Hump - Digital Underground
3. Everybody's Humpin' Around - Bobby Brown
4. Hump de Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers

...and that's about it that comes to mind. Yes, I know that I could "Google" it, but I'd probably come up with a bunch of songs that I've never heard of (and therefore have the potential to suck). Anyone else got any great HUMPING songs? 


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