Monday's Fictional Hottie 13

Hello fellow lovers of hotties that exist only in our imaginations!!

I've been slightly slacking on hitting EVERY Monday, but that's just how it goes sometimes. Now, onto this week's nominee. 

There's nothing more wonderful than being immersed in a book. Movies are fun to watch and all, but it's a great novel that will keep me up late at night even though I know that I'll be exhausted and cranky the next day. The next TWO (yes, it's another double feature) characters practically leapt off the pages and into my heart.

One is an unconventional young lady of her time and the other? Well he's a total fox and digs her seemingly unfeminine ways (hmm...this is sounding familiar, anyhoo). Her creativity is stifled by her family's place in society and his grandfather's kind of an ass. They live next door to each other and although there is serious romantic tension, their love wasn't meant to be anything more than true friendship.

Congrats Jo March and "Laurie" Laurence III, you're numbers 13 & 14! (in no particular order).

All right, so this may look like they're about to jump each other, but it was the only pic I could find with the both of them. (link)
A strong and fiercely independent woman, Jo's talent for writing and the dramatic wins her "Funnest at the Party" every time. With her big sexy brain often working over time and her heart leading her to impulsive acts (like when she sold her hair so her mother could visit her father) Jo's a mega-hottie...and not just for the 1800s. Living on her own (fine, in a boarding house, but STILL) and moving to the city is an incredible adventure for anyone, and Jo's able to make the most of it without succumbing to what women "should" be doing instead. She's a character who does what she wants and that is H-O-T!

Laurie is kind of an arrogant assface in the beginning and then blossoms into his hotness when he gets his head together. Undeniably attracted to Jo, he lets his guard down and blends in with the March crew while having to live with his tutor in an emotionally cold house. Obviously, his craving for family life adds to his hotness. That and how Christian Bale was cast to play him in one of the more recent movie adaptations, but even before the delectable Mr. Bale, Laurie claimed "hottie" status (although marrying Beth at the end borders on "icky").

Happy Monday!!

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