Sound Machine Suggestions

When Marc and I lived in a condo in downtown Toronto, it was noisy. So noisy, in fact, that we were forced to take action or risk never getting a good night's sleep. After considerable running around we found our solution -- a sound machine. 

It has six sound options:

1. Thunder - Which just sounds like white noise. I've heard other "thunders" that are far superior to our machine.
2. The Beach - Pretty good aside from the birds. It would be better if it was just waves.
3. Rainstorm - Also pretty good but could be slightly more authentic.
4. Jungle - Sounds cool but not consistent enough for sleeping. Shrieking monkeys aren't exactly soothing.
5. Crickets - Very nice. Great for sleeping
6. White noise - Nothing fancy but great if we're in a hotel because we can't hear doors slamming in the hallway.

Although the six options seem like a lot, there really are only two sounds that we keep in heavy rotation: Crickets and The Beach. It's been years now and we still sleep with the machine. I love it because it's pretty small and therefore can be brought with us anywhere we go. During my nap yesterday, I turned on The Beach and my mind started to wander.

If I could have ANY sound in the whole world on my sound machine, what would I want?

Here's what I've come up with so far.

1. Popcorn popping - I know it may sound strange, but I find that while standing in line at the movies, I'm often transfixed by the sound (and sight) of popcorn gently popping. It sounds a little like a drumroll, which could be a problem for sleeping because a sound like that would build momentum instead of relaxation, but I think there's a pretty good chance it would end up in the latter category. Also, it could lead to some tasty, tasty dreams.

2. Muffled noises like you're in the inside of a car - Babies LOVE falling asleep in the car. I guess it could have something to do with the movement, but the sounds must also play a part. I'd suggest going for a country drive and recording it. Maybe keeping the windows down for a bit, while cruising along (and obviously not on a highway). 

3. Frying bacon - So it's sort of like popcorn popping, but bacon cooking has got to be one of the better sounds out there. It's fairly consistent, which would be great for sleeping, and again -- the dreams would be TASTY. Better yet would be some kind of scent distributer which would waft gentle wisps of maple-smoked-meat. Hmm..on second thought that could kind of suck because I'd wake up wanting to EAT the delicious-sounding-and-smelling food but not actually have any to eat. Okay, this one's a work in progress. 

4. Tennis - I grew up playing tennis and the sounds of fuzzy-covered-rubber-balls being whacked back and forth put me in a very zen state. Our neighbours here have a court and I just adored sitting on our back porch with my morning tea, listening to the soft "thwaps." Naturally, any kind of cursing would have to be edited out. 

So I'm not sure who I'll be sending my GENIUS sound machine ideas to, but I'm gonna get on it because these are GOLD! In the meantime, I guess I'll keep beaching it up with the occasional cricket session.

*chirp, chirp*

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  1. Mitch, the boyfriend, plays tennis and while I am absolutely terrible at it, I DO love the sound a tennis ball makes when it hits a racket! It's such a satisfying "pop," isn't it?! Looooove. :)


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