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Marc came home yesterday with the mail and said I'd gotten a big package. After it was made clear he was talking about the MAIL, I was delighted to find a gift from a Pretty Little Blonde Friend.

Opening the plastic package, I found 3 cards. What's awesome about Blondie is her sense of humour and ability to find create ways to express it. When I first came to the East Side for university, she sent me off with a bundle of cards and letters to open at very specific times: when I was hungover, the hottest day of summer, when I was feeling stressed, first day of exams...and MANY OTHER instances. They were a highlight of my First Year and my university pals loved hearing what she wrote.

For my birthday last year, she sent a cardboard cut out for an application to Hogwarts that she'd already filled out with my information, along with a new batch of cards. A few got misplaced last year but I found them a while ago and have one to open on Valentine's Day and on St. Patty's Day.

I love her writing and preference for glittery ink (as you can see in the upper right corner).

So, along with two VERY cool baking books and scented pencils, there was the CUTEST apron EVER, handmade by my talented buddy. It's PERFECT! Like, not a crooked stitch or overrun thread to be seen! Plus, it's the most gorgeous fabric. When Blondie was out visiting in the summer (with her cutie boyfriend) I was talking a big game about how I was going to garden. Although that didn't really pan out, she remembered my interest and made me this BEAUTIFUL gardening accessory.

It's it AWESOME?!?
There are a whole bunch of these teeny post-its through both baking books. *sigh* She's just SO FUNNY!

Sorry if I've made you jealous because I have such an amazing pal (but I get it, she's AMAZING so I'd be jealous too). There's nothing quite like unexpected love from a friend to keep a smile on your face for weeks!!


(ps. I'm fairly certain that she should get on the Etsy bandwagon because those aprons would be a BESTSELLING item, fo sho). 

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  1. How cute and what a sweet friend! :) I'll have to remember this idea.


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