Twitter Vindication

A few weeks ago, I blogged about cookies I made for my Grandma’s birthday. I wrapped them up in beautiful little bags, packed them snugly in between layers of bubble-wrap and sent them off with Purolator to arrive safely at my Aunt’s house the day before the big surprise party.

Just to refresh your memory.

Here’s the thing though…

That did NOT happen.

I got a text from my Aunt on Monday (two days AFTER the party) saying that the cookies arrived.

WHAT? I screamed inside my head. What is she talking about? I paid a FORTUNE to ship those puppies and they were guaranteed to arrive by the end of business on FRIDAY. It was too late in the day for me to run into the place where I mail things (not a Purolator/Canada Post Outlet itself, but a counter at a local independent office supply store…I love me them independents). Since it was already late, I didn’t feel like there was a rush.

The next day, I went into the Local Store to see what happened. Luckily, I’m a total disaster when it comes to disposing of papers so I had the confirmation slip (after spending a small amount of time rifling through my filing cabinet back seat of my car). The ever helpful worker entered the number into her computer and was very sad to report to me that the delay was due to weather. I stood there staring at her until she explained that meant I wouldn’t get my money back and if I wanted the package to be shipped anywhere else, I’d have to pay full price. She offered me the phone number for Purolator’s direct customer service line and wished me luck.

Frustrated but not deterred, I got back into my car and called before leaving the parking lot. I was convinced I’d solve the issue on the phone and then just hop back into the Local Store to complete the reshipment up to my Grandmother’s house (travelling from a suburb of Toronto to a city about a 2 hours north). The conversation with the agent on the phone lasted about two minutes and they gave me the same information as the worker in the Local Store.

Weather is considered an “act of God” and therefore nullifies any guarantee of delivery.

Pissed off and fired up, I took to my Twitter Account and posted the following:

Paid $50 to @Purolatorhelp for "guaranteed" next day delivery. Too bad it arrived TWO DAYS LATE. #neveragain #epicfail #fedex4life

Halfway home, Fiona (my AyePhone) vibrated in my lap. I’d gotten a Direct Message from a dude named Jérémie who works at Purolator’s customer service department, asking me if he could help with my problem.

By the end of business on TUESDAY, he had arranged for the package to be picked up from my Aunt’s house and delivered to my Grandma’s. I’d be responsible for the difference if it would have cost more to deliver the package from my home town to my Grandma’s, which I thought was fair since it wasn’t the company’s ineptitude that led to the delay (and I was psyched to not pay full price to actually get my Grandma her cookies).

Well, by THURSDAY of that week, I still hadn’t heard anything. Nothing from Purolator asking for more money and nothing from my Grandma, squealing her excitement at her couture cookies. I wrote Jérémie an email following up. On FRIDAY, I got the fateful news that there’d been a mix-up and the cookies were being RETURNED TO ME!

Oh the HORROR!!

All I wanted was to do something nice and surprise my Grandma and the whole thing became an official nightmare. So now my Grandma thinks that I FORGOT her birthday and the damn cookies would be stale by the time they got back to me.

Well, by the MONDAY, there were zero cookies in my life (aside from the OREOS that I couldn’t stop shoving in my mouth because the supply was never ending thanks to our not-so-recent Costco trip). I wrote Jérémie again and received a response that he wouldn’t be in the office until TUESDAY.

Sure enough, on TUESDAY, Jérémie wrote me saying that the package should have been delivered on MONDAY and was no longer showing up in his system.


Because he’s clearly no newbie when it comes to crazy customers, his next email stated that he would credit me for another shipment. I have to say that I wasn’t too confident that it would actually arrive. Sure enough though, exactly ONE WEEK after he said he mailed it, I indeed got a credit note in the mail…for WAY MORE than I’d used!

I sent a package for overnight delivery 2 provinces over that weighed just over 1LB.

The credit was for a package up to FIVE POUNDS, anywhere in Canada!

Naturally, I thought of my Dad & Dale (Stepmom) who live on an island in British Columbia. I was going to use every CENT of the credit and they seriously couldn’t be much farther from me. They loved my bagels when they visited, so I got to baking and created a care package that weighed as close to 5 LBS as I could get (4LBS 12.5OZ to be exact, I have a ballin’ kitchen scale thanks to my Dad & Dale). It included 8 bagels, a loaf of cinnamon banana pecan bread and a half-dozen cake pops. 

When I brought my pre-wrapped baked-goods package to the Local Store, they were DELIGHTED to see me. I’d been in earlier to tell them all about my Twitter experience and they surged with pride when I won in the end. Needless to say, they were DEVESTATED when I told them the cookies never arrived but bounced back to DELIGHTED when I showed them my credit.

This is where it gets awesome.

The wonderful Jérémie didn’t check off if the package credit was for “air” or “ground.” We hummed and hawed over it for about three NANOSECONDS before checking off “air.” The worker checked in her computer and said that it would take 3 – 4 business days to arrive because my Dad lives on an island. She also calculated that it would have cost me over $100 to send it!!

Feeling proud as a PEACOCK, I strutted back to my car and Twittered my happiness with how the situation ended. Vindication never felt so sweet.

Or does it?

I got a phone call TWO DAYS LATER from my Dad & Dale telling me that the package just arrived! Crazy! It literally got there in less than 48-hours.

I guess when the package is sent from the head office, it gets super-special treatment.

Lesson Learned: TWITTER RULES and it will be my GO-TO place for customer complaints. Apparently it’s the best way to actually get some SERVICE!

So get an account, people! It’s WORTH IT!

Oh, and those friggin’ cookies finally made an appearance on FRIDAY of that week. To Purolator’s credit though, not one cookie was broken! Fairly impressive considering all the turn-over. 


  1. Clearly, the universe didn't think loving cookies + grandma were a good combo. But it makes me happy that something finally was done about it!! (Were they even edible by the time she got them?)

  2. Nope! They were super stale so I opted NOT to send them back to her (for the 3rd attempt). I sent her a link to the post where I wrote about them so at least she's SEEN my attempt at her birthday cookies. Such a DISASTER, but it's made for kind of a funny story, so it kind of all balances out! Haha.


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