32 Flavours (minus two)

So the glorious visit that some friends and I dubbed JaWECA (because acronyms are AWESOME) is over. 


The five days flew by and although NOTHING went according to plan, we didn't let it affect the fun factor. In fact, we ended up having MORE FUN as our plans fell apart; a testament to our personalities and friendship.

One of the Events That Did Not Happen was a tour of The Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory. We looked online and read that the tour was self-guided, so we decided that we'd aim for a mid-afternoon tour. Aside from the tour itself though, the biggest reason we went was because...at the end of the tour...we'd be given fresh-off-the-assembly-line chips that we'd season ourselves with an assortment of 30 FLAVOURS!


So on Friday, after a very slow start, we dropped a coffee off at work for Marc and hit the highway. An hour and a bit later, after passing by a male driver who may or may not have been driving himself home after taking some type of sedative, we arrived at The Factory....only to learn...that it was...


The gift shop was open, but the factory was having another fryer installed. The woman working in the shop didn't know what to make of our DEVASTATED expressions and I think, actually, that she suspected we were making fun of her. 

The three of us stood frozen in place, not sure what to do. Our brains couldn't process that we wouldn't be eating warm kettle chips.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the woman came around from behind the counter and saved the day. The shop sold 1LB bags of unseasoned chips and she opened one up for us and said that although they weren't warm, we were welcome to try some of the seasonings.

HORRAY!! We cheered (almost).

Around the corner we went and THIS is what we saw. 

Oh. Yeah.

The following 30 minutes went by in a flash of yummy and icky flavour discoveries. 

Some of our favourites included: Loaded Baked Potato, Poutine, Honey Dijon, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar, Too Hot For You & Hot Chocolate (well, that was just me).

The icky ones: Blue Raspberry, Orange, Lobster, Strawberry Kiwi, Mac N Cheese.

Blue Raspberry...yuck.

We each bought a couple of seasonings after we were stuffed...and another 1LB bag of chips. Although the factory was closed, if it had been open we probably wouldn't have had the seasoning station to ourselves. SO, although our plan was thwarted by a broken-down fryer, things worked out BETTER! 

Fun Side Fact: The Factory ranks #1 in Hartland for tourist destinations (out of 2, but whatevs). 

So if you find yourself driving East along the Transcanada Highway in central New Brunswick, pull over in Hartland and get some (potentially) warm kettle chips sprinkled with Cappuccino flavour...

or Creamy Dill...

or Sweet BBQ...

or....you get my drift. 

As we were leaving, we asked the woman for her name with the intention of writing a great review on Trip Advisor. Believe it or not, she introduced herself as "Faith." How fitting!

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