Blossoms of Awesome-ness

As I consider myself to be a semi-competitive baker (meaning that I bake so much I could do it professionally) one of my "reasons" for whipping up mouth-watering and calorie-packed goodies is to say THANK YOU!

So, when a person - a relative STRANGER really, loaned me a bundle of books a few months ago, I decided that I'd bake her something marvellous when I returned them. That day was on Tuesday, so on Monday evening, I scoured my books for a recipe before remembering that a certain blog featured a recipe for Peanut Butter Blossoms.

Gleeful with my first attempt at a new recipe (one of the highlights of my life), I saw that I had everything I needed except for Hershey Kisses. One trip to Wal-Mart later and I was off and running. They were easy to make and INCREDIBLY hard to to eat while they were warm.

I was worried that the kisses would totally melt down. See that sad kiss on the left? Luckily, they mostly survived.

The book-lender was deeeeelighted with the cookies and the recipe has officially been added into my rotation.


Marc also appreciated that about eight of them were "too ugly" to be given away. 

Oh, and I made them with all-natural peanut butter, so OBVIOUSLY that makes them HEALTHY ...right?


  1. Those. Look. DELICIOUS. I feel like we may have to arrange a swamp sometime in the future...although I doubt I'll be able to top those beauties!

  2. I make this every holiday season. They're everyone's favorite at the Xmas cookie exchange at work.


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