Mr. Geography

We're officially back from Toronto! YAY! 

It was a fun trip and we loved getting to see our family and friends. My lungs stayed in check, thank goodness, so although I feel like a bag of crap right now, it was SO worth it! Staying near our old stomping grounds was awesome, although it almost felt like we'd never lived there to begin with. Funny how time can play tricks on ya.

I met up with a wonderful friend of mine who always manages to have the most awesome hair styles, and afterwards, took a cab back to our apartment (we were staying in our own apartment that my Baby Brother rented for us in his building). After telling the driver where I was going, he locked onto my eyes via the rearview mirror.

Driver: "All right beautiful princess, if you can answer the following question then your ride will be free!"

Me: "Holey Crap, am I on Cash Cab?" *looks around waiting for the lights* (for those who don't know, Cash Cab is a reality quiz how that takes place in a cab in Toronto)

Driver: *ha-rumps* "No, I am Mr. Geography."

Me: "What?"

Driver: "Yes, beautiful princess, I am Mr. Geography. Do you want to play?"

Me: "Heck yes!"

Driver: "Okay, beautiful princess...what is the capital of Nigeria?"

Me: "Crap. I have no idea."

Driver: "It's Abuja, beautiful princess."

Me: "Am I the dumbest person you've driven?"

Driver: "Oh no, beautiful princess, do not worry. If you can name all of the countries that border Germany in 60 seconds, your ride will be free."

Me: "What?"

Driver: "Go!"

Me: "Um...um...France, Poland, Italy....um...Russia?"

Driver: "Hahaha, you are so funny, beautiful princess. You've gone too far!"

Then he proceeded to hand me an ATLAS with the picture opened up to Europe. 


He also handed me a stack of laminated newspaper clippings that featured him. They dated back about 12 years. Apparently he's a pretty big deal. 

My cab ride cost $7.45 but I gave him a big tip, you know, for making me feel like a moron (and for calling me a 'beautiful princess' about a thousand times). 

I've been practicing the US states on Sporcle.com (a quiz website) but it looks like I've still got QUITE a bit of work to do. Still, it was a pretty fun cab ride. 

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  1. I'm looking to contact Mr. Geography for a documentary I'm working on. Do you remember the company he works for or better yet have his business card?


    Peter Reynolds
    (416) 910-6110


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