Pastry Hybrid REVIEW

Although I swore to myself that they would stay at the store, in honour of JaWECA (the name that my friends and I use when referencing their trip out here to visit me which is CURRENTLY HAPPENING, yay) we decided to pick up a box of the pastry hybrids I found a little while ago. Well, to be specific, ONE friend and I decided to pick up a box because the other friend lives gluten-free (but remarked that if she WAS going to eat gluten and suffer its consequences, the hybrid would be her choice).

Here it is.

So the results are in and...


they're AWESOME!! (not that I was expecting anything less)

They have the texture of a danish but the inside is firmer. Still very flaky, but a little denser. It's not crunchy as much as it is chewy but the layers in the croissant make it clear that it's not a donut. The glazed coating ALMOST makes it too sweet but since there's no sugar-infused filling or fruit, it just ends up being finger-licking good...seriously, my fingers were COVERED in icing flakes. After finishing up the fatty-but-worth-it hybrid, I looked over at the box and had no desire to go over for another, quashing my earlier fears

Verdict: Yummy Yum Yum, hit up your local grocer and get some!!! (but only one...for reals...you've been warned)

(and JaWECA rules because without it, the hybrids would never have come home with me)

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