Skyline Snapshots

Here are a few of the pictures I look from my Baby Bro's balcony. The view is slightly addictive as it changes all of the time. That being said, whoever decided that the CN Tower should be lit up with red lights sucks. Instead of looking pretty, which I'm pretty sure was the point, it looks evil. Like it's about to uproot and start chasing me. Needless to say, I didn't take pictures of it's evilness...

The Tower

The Rogers Centre...although The Skydome is still the best name. 

Love the night shots.

There was a motorcross competition at The Centre. For 2 days beforehand, the enormous tractor-trailers filed into the parking lot on the bottom right. It was like the country came to town, which is fitting since we also came to town. It was nice being surrounded by leather ball caps and jackets.

Baby Bro's place is on the FORTIETH floor, hence the unending view north. 

If you look at the highway littered with headlights on the left, you'll see that Baby Bro's able to conduct his own traffic reports for the highway. Hilarious.

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