Small Business Spell-Check

Have you ever looked at a word so much that it started to look strange and then completely ridiculous? I think most people have but if not...


(I'm hilarious)

So I was doing a little poking around at the services that local spas offer when I stumbled upon the following webpage.

I read the first bit, next to the bikini-clad lady, a few times and wondered, IS gorgeous spelt with an "e"? Clearly, the answer is NO but seeing it misspelt three times so closely together made me get a piece of paper and write it out myself.

It's too bad that the font's so small because, in total, I found TEN spelling mistakes and a bunch of grammar bad-ness (ah, my hilarity ensues). 

I wasn't sure with what to do with the errors I found. Marc has a small business on the side and I would be HORRIFIED if our website had blatant spelling mistakes and nobody told me. I mean, how often do you check your own site? (we never check anything but our email) However, I also hate nosey know-it-alls and didn't want to come across as one. After some humming and hawing, I decided that I'd err on the side of the business owner and drop off the printout. 

There were two women at the front desk and when I arrived. I passed them the printout with my comments and one of the women said, "Oh my God, Karen* is going FREAK OUT!" (*the owner, not her real name)

Her reaction confirmed that I'd made a wise choice and I was on my way out when Karen arrived. The women told her what I'd done and she took one look at the paper and nearly burst into tears. Apparently she hadn't had time to check the site since it had gone up (a week earlier) AND had ordered a colour ad to be put in the local Saturday paper based on the website. With the colour drained from her face, she thanked me profusely and got on the phone to call her web designer to make changes. 

I noticed that she was doodling the word "gorgeous" but was pausing in the middle, as if she wasn't sure how it was spelt herself (and believe me, that was ONE of MANY spelling mistakes). Being a small business co-owner, I sympathized with the stressed look in her eyes as she read over my suggestions. I didn't have much to do that afternoon, so I offered to go home and rewrite the ad entirely (it could have read much smoother than it was originally). 

And I mean, why shouldn't she just take the opinion of a random stranger off of the street who barged into her business armed with a folded up print out of her website with circled edits? 

I explained that I was a writer and that it wouldn't take me longer than about an hour to recompose the information she already had. I also added that she could totally ignore my suggestions without hurting my feelings. The shocked gratitude on her face told me that I'd offered something that she wouldn't have dreamed to ask for. 

Exactly an hour later, I'd put a new ad together and it looked great. I sent it along to Karen and within a few minutes, received a very excited phone call from her, thanking me for making it look "so much better." In fact, she called me later and asked me to go back to her website and make sure that everything was still okay. 

It'd been a while since I'd done a larger good deed and I still feel really great about it.  When I picked up the Saturday paper, I found that she'd used exactly what I'd sent her.

And seeing it in the paper makes me a published author, right? RIGHT?!

All right, maybe not, but it's PRETTY DARN CLOSE!!

Relishing the good-deed feeling, since The Day I Saved A Small Business From Public Humiliation, I've assisted an elderly woman find the right change to put in a parking metre and didn't give the finger to the person driving TWENTY kilometres UNDER the limit on the road by my house. 

To answer your question, yes, I AM on the fast-track to sainthood.


  1. awww, it's so sweet what u did.. it really is! *wipes a stray tear* :p
    i dnt get why she didnt have ppl to proof read the stuff she had written on the website before making it public in the first place though..
    u'r such a sweetheart :)

  2. Thanks kitkat! haha.
    I think that woman learned that proofreading is MANDATORY!


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